A Brief History of CROHMIQ

CROHMIQ design engineers pioneered the technology for ungrounded static protective fabrics for the safe use in flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) for sensitive flammable vapor and dust atmospheres. Since CROHMIQ blue™ fabric was first introduced, CROHMIQ has become the market leader for ungrounded static protective FIBC. The patented CROHMIQ fabric has been used around the world by many leading Fortune® 500 manufacturers. CROHMIQ FIBC were the first to safely eliminate hazardous static discharges without the requirement of grounding and using no special FIBC construction techniques. So revolutionary was CROHMIQ that CENELEC created a new category of FIBC, Type D, especially for CROHMIQ static dissipative FIBC. Type D FIBC, like Type C FIBC, are for use in sensitive flammable gas, vapor and dust atmospheres; however, unlike Type C FIBC, Type D FIBC provides static protection without the need for grounding.

CROHMIQ FIBC fabric has been tested and studied more extensively than any other FIBC fabric. TEXENE, customers, and even competitors have conducted numerous studies to evaluate the electrostatic protection and effectiveness of FIBC made of CROHMIQ static protective Type D FIBC fabric with independent test houses, including Swiss Institute for Safety and Security, BTTG, Wolfson and Chilworth Technology. With an estimated 40 million used since its introduction, CROHMIQ FIBC has a spotless safety record second to none. The distinctive CROHMIQ blue™ FIBC, the “Blue Bag,” is synonymous with static protection and safety in our customers’ eyes. Needless to say, CROHMIQ has been the single most innovative and successful product ever in the FIBC industry.

For customers that prefer white bulk bags, CROHMIQ white™ FIBC fabric is also available. CROHMIQ white provides exactly the same electrostatic protection as CROHMIQ blue.