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Become an FIBC Bag Manufacturer or Distributor

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bulk bags are in high demand due to the variety of industries that rely on their ability to safely and efficiently transport large amounts of powder, flake, pellet, and granule products. From food production and agriculture to the manufacturing, handling and transporting of chemicals, FIBC bulk bags make it easier to transport a variety of products.

CROHMIQ FIBC bulk bag fabrics are the only static protective FIBC fabrics to consistently comply with current national and international safety standards including: IEC 61340-4-4 Ed. 3.0: 2018, IEC/TS 60079-32-1: 2013, CLC/TR 50404: 2003, NFPA 77: 2019, NFPA 652: 2019, NFPA 654: 2017 and JNIOSH-TR-No. 42: 2007.

Of the more than 40 million of our CROHMIQ Type D Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container bags used for multiple products and various industries, there has not been one incident or accident, even in the harshest, most flammable environments.

With our high dedication to safety and quality, CROHMIQ has become the number one choice for businesses, manufacturing and processing facilities around the world. In fact, over 80 billion pounds of products such as chemicals, foods, and pharmaceuticals have been safely packaged in CROHMIQ bulk bags.

Whether your company is interested in manufacturing FIBC bulk bags or being a distributor, we’re looking for organizations to partner with.

There are many benefits for flexible intermediate bulk containers manufacturers who choose to work and partner with us. As a manufacturer or distributor, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Direct access to our own, world-leading and safest CROHMIQ Type D static protective FIBC fabrics
  • Be a part of a global network of static protective bag suppliers and CROHMIQ FIBC bulk bag manufacturers
  • Excellent customer service for companies and industries around the world that need FIBC manufacturers
  • A partnership with CROHMIQ, the world’s most recognized FIBC brand
  • Become an FIBC bag manufacturer of the world’s safest static protective fabric for ungrounded Big Bag and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Sales leads directly from TEXENE, the team that launched CROHMIQ and who works with those in the chemical processing industry
  • Access to use CROHMIQ and TEXENE logos and trademark designs and color on their FIBC bags and products
  • Instruction and technical sales training from professional, experienced TEXENE salespeople as well as superior technical support
  • Enjoy the same safety and quality reputation as TEXENE and CROHMIQ

If your company is looking for a profitable business opportunity and get your foot in the door of a lucrative, high demand industry, contact us at CROHMIQ today to learn how you can become an FIBC bag manufacturer or be a distributor for our network of qualified FIBC manufacturers and FIBC Bulk Bag manufacturers.