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  • Global sales and technical support is available online (e-mail & web conferencing), by telephone, or locally on-site
  • Texene maintains a global network of approved CROHMIQ FIBC distributors located in all five major industrialised continents to ensure efficient and cost-effective supply
  • Sales representatives and technical support staff of approved CROHMIQ FIBC distributors are trained by Texene’s team of experienced and knowledgeable technical experts
  • Common designs of bulk bag are kept in stock for immediate supply by a number of approved CROHMIQ FIBC distributors; please complete and submit the above form with details of your requirements
  • As the inventors of Type D technology, Texene has unrivalled knowledge of ungrounded Type D static protective bulk bags and other antistatic and conductive Type C FIBC
  • Texene’s sales and technical support team can help you select the safe solution for your packaging requirements
  • CROHMIQ is the world’s safest static protective Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) fabric that does not require grounding
  • Proven safety with over 40 million CROHMIQ Type D FIBC used without incident in multiple products, industries, & combustible environments
  • Over 80 billion pounds of products such as chemicals, foods, and pharmaceuticals have been safely packaged in CROHMIQ FIBC
  • Leading global companies do not compromise safety because they use CROHMIQ blue™ and CROHMIQ white™ bulk bags to protect their personnel and customers from the dangers of electrostatic discharges
  • Leading companies recognize the blue color fabric used on FIBC as a TEXENE quality product

When safety matters, depend on CROHMIQ and do not allow substitutions as CROHMIQ is the world’s premier static protective FIBC fabric