Technical Note 133: Grounding CROHMIQ FIBC

CROHMIQ Static Protective FIBC Fabrics are designed and engineered to provide the highest level of safety demanded by industry without the need for grounding.

Static charge is dissipated safely by CROHMIQ fabric, thereby eliminating the risks associated with operator grounding errors and other Type C FIBC risks.

The safety of CROHMIQ FIBC when operated ungrounded is proven and qualified by testing in accordance with the International Standard IEC 61340-4-4: 2018.

In addition to meeting the safety requirements of IEC 61340-4-4, CROHMIQ FIBC meet the requirements for Type D FIBC as specified in IEC/TS 60079-32-1: 2013, CLC/TR 50404: 2003, NFPA 77: 2019, NFPA 652:2019, NFPA 654:2017 and JNIOSH TR No. 42:2007.

In some end user applications, the standard operating procedure is to ground all FIBC irrespective of type. In such applications, end users may require the presence of one or more tags on the FIBC to provide designated grounding points. The purpose of this Technical Note is to set out the requirements for grounding tags that may be attached to CROHMIQ FIBC.

There are a number of key facts to note:

  • CROHMIQ FIBC do not need to be grounded in order to operate safely, but they can be grounded if standard operating procedures require this.
  • Grounding CROHMIQ FIBC does not have a detrimental effect on the static protective properties of the fabric.
  • Grounding CROHMIQ FIBC will reduce the already safe and low residual charge that may be present on the FIBC during filling and emptying operations.
  • Grounded CROHMIQ FIBC are not Type C because they provide static protection by a different mechanism; nevertheless grounded CROHMIQ FIBC are safe.

Note: Only FIBC meeting the resistance to ground limits specified for Type C can be classified and used as Type C.

The requirements for grounding tags on CROHMIQ FIBC are as follows:

  • One or more grounding tags may be attached to any part of the FIBC that is convenient and accessible during normal operations.
  • There is no size limit for grounding tags made from approved materials.
  • CROHMIQ fabric is the preferred material for grounding tags on CROHMIQ FIBC.
  • Other materials may be used for grounding tags on CROHMIQ FIBC, only after they have been tested and specifically approved by Texene.
  • Conductive material (e.g. black conductive plastic, metal braid, etc.) must not be used to make grounding tags for CROHMIQ FIBC.

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