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Reasons to Choose CROHMIQ for Your Bulk Bags

  • Over 40 million CROHMIQ FIBC safely used, including extensive use in hazardous flammable environments
  • Only CROHMIQ’s patented technology provides a level of safety equal to a properly grounded conductive Type C FIBC, but without the risks of human error. For these reasons, leading global companies continue to switch from Type C FIBC and Type B FIBC to the optimum safety of CROHMIQ FIBC
  • Over 8 million CROHMIQ FIBC safely reused after wet or dry-process refurbishment
  • CROHMIQ’s properties are permanent; therefore, its static dissipative performance does not decay with time nor wash off during wet reconditioning processes as many pseudo Type D FIBC do
  • Grounding CROHMIQ FIBC is not required, but CROHMIQ can be safely grounded for applications that demand groundable bulk bags
  • Internationally recognized as the leading Type D static protective FIBC fabric
  • Proven safety record of CROHMIQ FIBC
  • CROHMIQ fabric is FDA and EU food contact compliant, including 21 CFR parts 177.1520, 177.1630 & 178.2010, and EC/EU Regulations No. 1935/2004 & No. 10/2011
  • Continuous research and development in Type D Technology for bulk bags
  • Company-owned world-class testing laboratories for Type D FIBC and other antistatic and conductive bulk bags
  • Global technical support by experts on Type D electrostatic FIBC technology
  • Worldwide CROHMIQ FIBC-converter network
  • Thorough testing by the world’s leading test laboratories and customers
  • Continuous website updates providing timely and technical product support
  • Texene experts are members of The United States and United Kingdom National Committees in the IEC Maintenance Team 7 working towards the development of responsible test standards for static protective FIBC
  • Complies with the latest National and International safety standards, including IEC 61340-4-4: 2018, IEC/TS 60079-32-1: 2013, NFPA 77: 2019, NFPA 652: 2019, NFPA 654: 2017 and JNIOSH TR No. 42 (2007).