CROHMIQblue was the world’s first FIBC fabric to provide full protection against electrostatic hazards without the need for grounding … it is the original Type D FIBC fabric.

Before the invention of CROHMIQ®, the only option to protect against electrostatic hazards in FIBC operations involving easily combustible powders or flammable solvents was to use conductive bags, now known as Type C FIBC.

The limitation of using Type C FIBC is that facilities must be fitted with infrastructure to ensure proper, reliable grounding. If Type C FIBC are used without grounding, the consequences can be disastrous. Over the years, multiple accidents involving Type C FIBC have occurred, with some resulting in worker deaths at factories that have received chemicals from their suppliers packaged in Type C FIBC. A 1993 article by Dr L G Britton (Process Safety Process, Vol. 12, No. 4) helped industry to understand the dangers of using Type C FIBC, which in turn created a demand for CROHMIQ FIBC.

25-50-100 Safety Record – since its invention more than 25 years ago, CROHMIQ technology has been used in more than 50 million static protective FIBC to safely package over 100 billion pounds of products for industry’s most demanding applications.

CROHMIQ’s unmatched safety record is a result of:

  • years of research and development required to understand electrostatic hazards in FIBC operations, and the mechanisms by which electrostatic charge can be safely dissipated;
  • ongoing product development and improvement;
  • Continuous Safety Certification™ – a comprehensive electrostatic safety testing programme that is unique to Texene (look out for more details in future newsletters).

With their unmatched safety record, CROHMIQblue and CROHMIQwhite are the number one static protective packaging materials for leading global companies.

CROHMIQ … There Is No Substitute
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