The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is creating unprecedented challenges to the supply of essential products around the world. Food, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries rely heavily on flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) for the safe packaging, transport and storage of their goods. At Texene, we recognise that our customers, particularly in these key industry sectors, are coming under enormous pressure to maintain packaging supplies. Texene is committed to maintaining full production of CROHMIQ® Static Protective Type D FIBC Fabrics and other FIBC products to support our valued customers in these challenging times.

Production processes in our factories are efficient and require minimum input from our highly skilled and motivated workforce. Sanitizing and hygiene protocols have been implemented in all areas in accordance with government guidelines, which will help to keep our colleagues healthy and safeguard our products.

The FIBC industry is calling on governments to recognize the critical role packaging has in ensuring the continued supply of vital products to where they are most needed. Every business within the industry has a role in the fight against the coronavirus, and Texene stands ready to play its part.

Take care and stay safe.
Carlos Echeverria                 Larry Marino                                Paul Holdstock
Managing Director                Sales & Marketing Director           Technical Services Director