For many years Texene has dedicated its R&D team to continue to improve the CROHMIQ product.  Many of the improvements have been incorporated into the CROHMIQ products of today.  Some improvements are protected by US Patent Nos. US 9,611,091 B2 (issued 2017); US 9,815,619 B2 (issued 2017); US 10,023,380 B2 (issued 2018) and US 9,815,618 B2 (issued 2017) and by other international patents and patents pending.

CROHMIQ®, There Is No Substitute, We Keep You Safe™

CROHMIQ Static Protective Type D FIBC Fabrics have been developed by Texene engineers to provide the highest levels of safety for industry’s most challenging applications. The pioneering technology incorporated into CROHMIQ fabrics safely dissipate static electricity without any connection being required between bulk bags and ground. This helps to eliminate the risk of human error, and allows CROHMIQ bags to be easily and safely integrated into any bulk packaging system.

Safety costs money, but accidents can cost lives! Do not substitute the safety of genuine CROHMIQ with risky imitations

During the past decade, 16 non-CROHMIQ Type D FIBC products have been launched and failed
Some have resulted in million dollar product recalls and factory shutdowns
Dubious qualification based on single tests
No on-going testing and safety certification
No proven safety record

Inferior safety products can lead to accidents

The CROHMIQ® Safety Advantage
CROHMIQ® Type C Type B
Dissipate static electricity
Prevent brush discharges


Prevent sparks


Prevent PBD
Safe for use in presence of solvents (MIE > 0.14 mJ)


Safe for use with flammable powders (MIE ≤ 3mJ)


Safe for use with combustible powders (MIE > 3mJ)



Safe for use without grounding


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Why Leading Industrial Companies Depend on CROHMIQ®

CROHMIQ is the leading producer of Type D FIBC bulk bags and the world’s first effective static protective bulk bag fabric that doesn’t require grounding.  Our products are used in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical to fine chemicals, pigments, food, and agricultural. Our bulk bags safely dissipate static charge without being grounded making them ideal for carrying powdered chemicals and other products for use in flammable environments. As CROHMIQ Type D FIBC bags don’t require grounding for safe use, they are more convenient to use and enhance productivity and efficient transportation of goods.

Safety and Reliability

CROHMIQ is proud to offer the world’s safest static protective Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC). More than 40 million of our Type D FIBC bulk bags have been made and used across multiple industries, products, and combustible environments without incident. Over 80 billion pounds of products such as chemicals, foods, and pharmaceuticals have been safely packaged and transported using CROHMIQ’s FIBC bulk bags. Additionally, our FIBC bulk bags will not degrade with use, washing, time or refurbishment, with more than eight million bags being safely reused after wet and dry process refurbishment.

CROHMIQ is recognized by companies around the world for our premier quality Type D FIBC, static protective fabric bags. In fact, our CROHMIQ blue™ and CROHMIQ white™ bulk bags are synonymous with safety. Our static control bulk bags comply with National and International standards and regulations for safe storage and transportation of food, dry goods, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products.

Requirements that are met with CROHMIQ bulk bags include:

  • International Electrotechnical Commission Standard: IEC 61340-4-4 Ed. 3.0, Clause 7.2  for breakdown voltage on FIBC fabrics and Clause 7.3.2  for ignition testing on Type D FIBC
  • International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Specification: IEC/TS 600079-32-1:2013, Clause 9.6.1 that states “it should be demonstrated that no incendive discharges occur.”
  • Complies With CENELEC Technical Report: CLC/TR 50404: 2003 and FIBC performance requirements of Clause – “no incendive discharges will occur”.
  • National Fire Protection Association Standards 77:2019 Recommended Practice on Static Electricity, Clause 16.6.3 and Clause 16.6.7 for Type D FIBC
  • NFPA 652: 2019 Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust, Clause
  • NFPA 654: 2017 Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions from the Manufacturing, Processing, and Handling of Combustible Particulate Solids, Clause for Type D FIBC testing
  • Japanese Technical Recommendations JNIOSH TR No. 42 (2007), Clause 9.4.1 for Static Control Type FIBC that does not require grounding

CROHMIQ FIBC manufacturers take safety seriously and only produce FIBC bulk bags that are of the highest quality and pass rigorous tests. With their effective anti-static properties, CROHMIQ bulk bags can let users experience the freedom from the risk of human error that can lead to serious or lethal accidents when used with other types of FIBC fabrics.

In addition to their superior safety properties, CROHMIQ Type D FIBC bulk bags are versatile. CROHMIQ Type D FIBC can be made from coated or uncoated antistatic FIBC fabric and can have plain or antistatic bag liners attached. We know different businesses have different product packaging needs, and we are committed to providing safe FIBC packaging solutions to meet these needs.

On-Site Electrostatic Test Laboratories

CROHMIQ has two world-class electrostatic FIBC test laboratories at company headquarters in Florida, USA. Our testing facilities are used for electrostatic ignition tests on FIBC, breakdown voltage tests on fabric, as well as a range of other electrostatic tests. We also conduct random testing of production fabrics and bulk bags in Texene’s Continuous Safety Certification™ (CSC) Program, which ensures safe, reliable electrostatic protection for all CROHMIQ FIBC end-users. Our FIBC test laboratories are also used by the world’s leading electrostatic safety experts to conduct their testing.

Product Support

CROHMIQ type D FIBC bag users are supported by a global network of Texene Qualified Suppliers and on-staff electrostatic experts. Global product and technical support can be accessed online, by telephone and by local on-site visits. Texene has representatives on National & International Standards Organizations.

In whatever sector of industry you operate, CROHMIQ Type D FIBC bulk bags can help your employees safely and efficiently move large amounts of product. To learn more about the safety of our bulk bags or to learn how FIBC bulk bags can help boost your business’ productivity, contact us today.

About Static Protective FIBC Fabrics

As the use of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC bags/bulk bags/totes/super-sacks/big bags/IBC) increases globally, safely managing the occurrence of static electricity during FIBC filling and emptying operations is a critical concern for many industries. Industries susceptible to electrostatic hazards include chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, and minerals. Since FIBC are made from polypropylene, a highly insulating material, they are prone to building up static electricity as friction and separation occur during filling and discharging of the products within the bulk bag. Static discharges from bulk bags can range in severity from operator nuisance shocks to those capable of igniting flammable gases, vapors, and dusts. By using FIBC with static protective properties, also known as antistatic FIBC, antistatic bulk bags, or electrostatic FIBC, the risk of a hazardous static discharge is significantly reduced.

FIBC made of CROHMIQ® static protective FIBC fabric are static dissipative Type D FIBC. Using CROHMIQ fabric to construct anti-static big bags eliminates the inherent risk of grounding failure that is always present whenever conductive Type C FIBC (grounded FIBC) are used. For these reasons, leading companies have been switching away from the risks of grounded FIBC (Type C) to the proven safety of CROHMIQ Type D big bags. For these reasons, the use of Type C super-sacks is less and less each year as a result of the conversion to CROHMIQ brand Type D FIBC.

There are very important differences between Type D FIBC and Type C FIBC, specifically on the mechanism of safety from electrostatic discharges and proper use. Firstly, Type C totes are groundable bulk bag packaging and must be properly and firmly grounded to be safe, whereas CROHMIQ Type D FIBC do not need to be grounded to be safe. While CROHMIQ Type D bulk bags can also be grounded, there is no need to do so as CROHMIQ Type D FIBC are already safe when used ungrounded.

Type D bulk bags are sometimes called antistatic FIBC or totes, groundable D or Type D+ FIBC / Type D plus bulk bag, or Type C/D FIBC. However, only CROHMIQ is the leading static protective FIBC fabric because CROHMIQ Type D FIBC are inherently antistatic and do not require grounding to be safe. Products marketed as Type D+ FIBC, groundable Type D FIBC or Type D plus bulk bags generally must be grounded to be close to safe, thus defeating the purpose of using a genuine, ungrounded, safe CROHMIQ Type D FIBC.

Thus, as a result of CROHMIQ’s perfect safety record, leading chemical companies around the world, trust and insist on CROHMIQ bulk bags as their only static protective FIBC packaging solution. As the leading antistatic FIBC product in the market, CROHMIQ’s state of the art technology outperforms inferior imitations. This is why when safety matters, Fortune 500 companies trust and use CROHMIQ. Process safety experts in the field of electrostatics and static hazards have written articles about performance and test standards and the improved safety of Type D super-sacks compared to other types of super-sacks. CROHMIQ’s design engineers invented and patented the first fabric and still leading technology for Type D FIBC.

TEXENE, the company behind CROHMIQ, continues to perform research and development on Type D antistatic FIBC and electrostatic phenomena in FIBC. Texene is recognized for its high quality fabrics used to make bulk containers for industrial use. The technology in CROHMIQ fabrics is protected by several patents around the world. Additionally, Texene’s goodwill is symbolized by the trademarks used in connection with its products. For this reason, Texene obtained United States trademark registration No. 3,097,115 for the “COLOR BLUE” mark covering “synthetic resinous fabrics for use in the manufacture of bulk containers in the nature of bags and wraps for industrial use.” Texene uses the color blue in the manufacture of its CROHMIQ FIBC fabrics, thus no unauthorized use of its color blue mark is allowed for NON-CROHMIQ FIBC products.